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The main types of refrigeration chambers by functional purpose.
Refrigerating chamber is a collapsible structure made of sandwich panels 50-200 mm thick filled with polyurethane. Depending on the capacity of the unit and its intended purpose, refrigerating chambers are divided into several main types:

• for short-term storage (no more than 3-5 days). Their main area of ​​use is the safe storage of food and medicine supplies in shops, pharmacies and warehouses;
• for long-term storage of fruits, vegetables, medicines, flowers, wine and other products;
• for cooling and freezing. Refrigeration units of this type are used at enterprises engaged in the production and processing of fish, meat, poultry, dumplings, vegetable cuts and other semi-finished products. Cameras are designed for cyclic operation, that is, for periodic unloading and loading of products;
• for shock freezing. In installations of this modification, intensive dynamic cooling of products for super-fast freezing is practiced. Directed jets of cold air (temperatures down to -30 or even -40 ˚С) are evenly distributed throughout the useful volume of the chamber.

Depending on the cost and requirements for storage of products, modern industrial refrigerating chambers are supplied with all kinds of additional equipment, such as:

• circulation systems – allow you to evenly distribute the cold in the chamber.
• programmable equipment – maintains the desired temperature by automatically turning on / off refrigeration units. Depending on the complexity, it provides different accuracy of temperature control – from stepwise to tenths of a degree.
• RGS system for creating favorable conditions for long-term storage.
• Three-fold air exchange with carbon dioxide regulation.
Scope of use
Storage of medicines
Not a single pharmacy or medical institution is complete without the use of a refrigerator or refrigerated cabinets, because most medicines require strict adherence to the temperature regime. At pharmacy warehouses, pharmacies and other institutions, special rooms are formed, equipped for storing various groups of goods, where certain requirements of illumination, humidity, temperature are observed.
Storing flowers
Refrigeration equipment is also widely used for storing flowers, bulbs and tubers of flowers. Flower shops, which receive chilled plants, are equipped with a refrigeration chamber that maintains a temperature of about 5 ° C. It is at this temperature that the presentation of the predominant majority of flower species can be maintained throughout the entire period of sale.

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Tashkent city, Bektemir district, Naberezhnaya Chirchik str., 9 (landmark: Foundry, Vodnik circle)