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Tashkent city, Bektemir district, Naberezhnaya Chirchik str., 9 (landmark: Foundry, Vodnik circle)

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Designed for placement of active and passive telecommunications equipment in office and closed industrial premises. Protection class IP 20. Recommended for installation of 19 ‘equipment. The equipment is positioned on vertical rails. Glass front door

The cabinet is designed for wall mounting;

Simple and easy to install

Cable entry possible on the top cover and bottom panel Front door swing angle 180 degrees

The cable organizer is designed for storing patch cords in 19 “enclosures and racks. Prevent cables from twisting and tangling while meeting the requirements for permissible bending radii of the cords. Allows for correct cable management, providing easy access to connections in server cabinets. A standard hardware (screw, washer, nut) is used to attach the cable manager

Optical cross is used for switching and distribution of optical fibers of the cable at the objects of fiber-optic transmission systems. The cross is designed for mounting in a telecommunication cabinet or 19 ”rack.

Designed for switching optical fibers, in particular for creating a detachable connection between optical cords connected to active equipment and terminated fiber-optic cable, as well as to protect fiber splices from external influences.

It is used for switching connections between fiber-optic cable and active network equipment. This compact cross-section has holes on the front panel for attaching an adapter plate. Optical sockets (adapters) are installed in a removable adapter plate

It is used for switching, distribution of fiber-optic communication cables and protection of splice points from damage. The crosses are installed in a telecommunication cabinet or rack. The cross has cable glands, which makes it easy to install the cable. The design provides for fixing the cable to be inserted along the sheath using plastic clamps, as well as fixing the power element using a metal platform.

The retractable optical distribution frame is designed to accommodate 24 optical connectors indoors. The chassis design allows installation in a 19 rack.

+99890 3203505

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+99890 9518448

Tashkent city, Bektemir district, Naberezhnaya Chirchik str., 9 (landmark: Foundry, Vodnik circle)